Agricultural Workers Have a Higher Risk of Injuries.

Even after recovering from an injury, workers can be impacted by the lasting financial and emotional effects, plus an increased risk of reinjury.

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Worker Safety

Take Control of Your Safety

Connected Worker Program

The Connected Worker Program helps you create a safer work environment.

Here's How it Works.

Change the focus from “after the injury” to “prevent the injury”.

The Connected Worker Program collects and tracks data from a wearable device that workers wear throughout their shift.



The program tracks the worker’s motions and detects unhealthy movements, everything from bad lifts and twists to trips and slips.


Integrated safety alerts provide increased awareness to supervisors and workers to reduce the risk of injury.


Safer Work Environment
Device data measurements offer insights to help your workers develop everyday safety habits.

Injury Prevention
By tracking and alerting workers of unhealthy movements and practices during shifts, it can lower their risk of injury.

Reduce Downtime
Less downtime means more opportunity for employees to work and earn money.

Take Control of Your Safety


Technology designed for worker safety and workplace efficiencies.

Business Operations

Save Money
Taking more control over safety and reducing the rate of injuries means fewer worker’s compensation claims and lower premiums.

Increase Operational Efficiency
Data trends can help you identify and evaluate necessary changes to equipment or processes, helping you find new ways to improve operations and cut costs.

Workforce Effectiveness
Risk scores of each worker allow you to provide coaching tailored to an individual worker and proactive safety training.